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Program Packages


All Program Packages Include

TPI Golf Specific Fitness Evaluations

Personal Training Sessions w/ take home programs

Putiing/Chipping stroke and full swing analysis & evaluations

Comprehensive short game and on-course analysis & evaluations

 recap lesson sessions "student's choice"

Specific full swing lesson sessions

Specific short game lesson sessions


Introduction to the Academy Program 

(1-3 Consecutive Months) $400: 1 Players / $600: 2 Players

- This program is designed for those of any age looking to get "Serious" about improving at every aspect of their game. The student and instructors/fitness professional meet up to 10 Hours over 1-3 consecutive months - 


Serious Player Development Program

(6 Consecutive Months) $900: 1 Player / $: 1250 Player

- This program is designed for those of any age looking to maximize their "true" potential while minimizing the risk of injury due to improper swing mechanics and over use of incorrect muscle groups. The student and instructor meet up to 25 Hours over 6 consecutive months working on each and every aspect of the game. The program covers everything from putting to the driver, fitness, mental game, equipment, course management and everything in between - 


Ultimate Player Development Program

(ANNUAL 12 Consecutive Months) $1250: 1 Player $1,750: 2 Players

-This Program is designed to bring the player to their ultimate potential! The student and the instructor will meet up to 50 Hours over the course of 2018 (9 - 12 consecutive months) covering each aspect of the game. This program has been to proven to reduce handicaps 20 strokes or more. In fact, several students have become Club Champions, made a College or High School team, within one year of starting this program. All never shooting a score of 100 for 18 holes prior to beginning that program. If you want to reach your ultimate potential, prevent injury, have a better quality of life and even possibly be a champion...then this is the program for you! -


Ladies Only Custom Sessions

- Customize a group of 3 or more ladies for any offered instruction -


Gentlemen Only Sessions

- Customize a group of 3 or more gentlemen for any offered instruction -


Jeff Picus, PGA/TPI

classapro@pga.com  / (843) 295 - 8888 / www.eejgt.com