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EE Junior Tours



The EEJT will operate along the strictest of guidelines, rules, etiquette, ethics and overall standards with regards to membership and participation. In return, EEJT promises to commit 110%  to running "fun and highly competitive" well organized events of only the highest quality and standard. 


Ratings and Levels

All members can wear with pride their GREEN logo shirt, hat and glove to recognize their accomplishment. 

♦Each player receives a PURPLE glove for achieving their first personal level/goal.

♦A BLUE glove for achieving their second personal scoring level/goal

♦A RED glove for achieving their third personal scoring level/goal

♦Each player receives a BLACK logo shirt, hat and glove fore reaching "EXPERT" status!



♦Open to all qualifying juniors 4 - 18 years of age. 

♦ Open to juniors willing to act in accordance with a Martial Arts and Military level of respect for authority, self discipline, self respect, mutual respect, best behavior, grades, dedication, hard work ethics and those willing to exemplify true sportsmanship and/or leadership at all times!

♦ Juniors must supply all all necessary qualifying forms, documents and scoring accomplishments.


Membership & Tour Fees

♦ Annual Membership Fee: $25 for 2018 

♦ Tour Event Registration: $20.00 - $30.00 per Tour Event / Tournament